Shuichi Takeda
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Please include user information such as your registered name, order number, etc. for identification.
Product Price / Shipping Fee Product Price: Indicated individually for each product (in yen)
Shipping Fee:Differs depending on shipping destination, product weight and shipping service company. Please check when placing your order.
Sales Conditions Basic conditions are as below. If there are any special conditions, they will be indicated for each respective item.
・Sales Period/Number of Limit: Indicated individually for each product
・Shipping Area:Outside of Japan
・Shipping Service: EMS, airmail, SAL, surface mail
Other Possible Charges ●System Fee: 1,100 yen per order
If an item requires a different amount of fee, it will be indicated on the item page.
Delivery Time We will send you a confirmation e-mail for your order.
Your package will be shipped out within 10 days after your order is place.

*If your order contains items with different estimated shipping dates, your order will be shipped out on the latest date.
Return/Exchange If you find any of the items delivered defective, contact us within 7 days using the inquiry form.

Unless the item is defective, we basically do not allow return, refund or exchange. (Check your items thoroughly)

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