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Product Code: KE02-GAKE25-KE0006EN

Rag baby FRIENDS T-Shirt【Ladies’ Size L】

■Ladies’ Size L:46cm wide x 64 cm tall
■Material:100% cotton

※Includes membership certificate of “C.H.Lion Rag baby part” with serial number

※This T-shirt is same type which staff wear at event venue and it is “FRIENDS” print T-shirt instead of “STAFF” print one.

※Please noted that this item may have scratches or peeling off due to handmade printed T-shirt.

※The benefit of attending C.H.Lion Rag baby is limited and only available at event venue. Not available for mail order.

These goods are scheduled to be shipped on the end December 2015

Product photos are only for reference. Actual products may be different in color or shape to a certain extent. Please keep this in mind as you make your purchase.

In order to prepare your order in one complete shipment, your order may be put on a hold until all items are ready for shipment. Actual timing for shipping may be subject to change without notice. We ask of your kind understanding.

Price: 4,000 yen
Low in Stock
Category: Ken » Ken Official Goods 2015


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